8 Tutorials That Will Turn You into a Website Pro


Are you just getting into website design? Or are you stuck at just knowing the basics?

Here are the Top 8 Website Premium Tutorials that will get you the skills you need to be a website design professional. Tutorial lessons include CSS, Javascript, WordPress, Search Engine Optimization, Photoshop to HTML and how to incorporate Social Media.

Check out the links below.

CSS: Noob to Ninja – Videos 1-4


[button link=”http://marketplace.tutsplus.com/item/css-noob-to-ninja-videos-14/122040?ref=BestDow” target=”blank” size=”small”]Download & Screenshots[/button]


Photoshop to HTML

[button link=”http://marketplace.tutsplus.com/item/photoshop-to-html/125215?ref=BestDow” target=”blank” size=”small”]Download & Screenshots[/button]


Getting Good with JavaScript

[button link=”http://marketplace.tutsplus.com/item/getting-good-with-javascript/311366?ref=BestDow” target=”blank” size=”small”]Download & Screenshots[/button]


Object Oriented JavaScript

[button link=”http://marketplace.tutsplus.com/item/object-oriented-javascript/157585?ref=BestDow” target=”blank” size=”small”]Download & Screenshots[/button]


Coding a Complex Design into CSS and HTML

[button link=”http://marketplace.tutsplus.com/item/coding-a-complex-design-into-css-and-html/118719?ref=BestDow” target=”blank” size=”small”]Download & Screenshots[/button]


How to be a Rockstar WordPress Designer 2

[button link=”http://marketplace.tutsplus.com/item/how-to-be-a-rockstar-wordpress-designer-2/411724?ref=BestDow” target=”blank” size=”small”]Download & Screenshots[/button]


SEO for Small Business (Workbook)

[button link=”http://marketplace.tutsplus.com/item/seo-for-small-business-workbook/146696?ref=BestDow” target=”blank” size=”small”]Download & Screenshots[/button]


Successful Facebook Marketing (PDF, ePub, Mobi)

[button link=”http://marketplace.tutsplus.com/item/successful-facebook-marketing-pdf-epub-mobi/269009?ref=BestDow” target=”blank” size=”small”]Download & Screenshots[/button]





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iOS App GUI kit

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